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Nominations Open for the ISHC Lori Raleigh Award for Emerging Excellence in Hospitality Consulting

27 July 2022: The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) announced that nominations are being accepted for the Lori Raleigh Award for Emerging Excellence in Hospitality Consulting. Launched in 2015 in honor of Lori Raleigh, founder of the Travers Group and executive director of ISHC 2000-2013, the award honors young, successful industry professionals with leadership qualities and a perceived bright future in hospitality consulting.

Candidates for The Lori Raleigh Award must be 35 years of age or younger at the time of the award presentation and meet the criteria for ISHC’s associate membership including five years’ experience in a hospitality-related field with a minimum of three years of specific hospitality consulting experience. They also must be recognized by their company leaders or other industry constituents who are familiar with their work as an exceptional example of a future leader within the field. At the time of nomination, a candidate must be either a self-practitioner or working for a company that provides third-party consulting services to the hospitality industry and be actively involved or responsible for providing advisory services to clients of the firm (e.g., hospitality consulting firms, third-party hospitality asset managers, architects, designers, food and beverage consultants, hospitality lawyers, purchasing companies, etc.). Prior award winners are not eligible for nomination, while prior nominees who have not previously won remain eligible. The winner must be available to attend the ISHC annual conference for the award presentation in Prague, Czech Republic 15-17 September 2022 and will receive a $1,500 travel allowance.

Nominations are due by 10 August 2022.  Winners will receive a one-year Associate Membership to ISHC, including access to all meetings and networking functions, as well as complimentary registration and travel allowance to attend the 2022 annual conference to receive the award.

“Fostering young talent in the hospitality industry has always been a significant part of ISHC’s DNA. For any industry to succeed, there must be a constant influx of new perspectives, innovation and talent. We see the Lori Raleigh Award as an opportunity to not only recognize an emerging consultant, but also provide them with unmatched education and networking opportunities through their Associate Membership in ISHC to really catapult their career,” commented Andrea Belfanti, CEO of ISHC.  

For more information on The Lori Raleigh Award, please visit or go directly to the nomination form here.

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The International Society of Hospitality Consultants is truly the leading source for global hospitality expertise, represented by over two hundred of the industry’s most respected professionals from across six continents. Collectively, ISHC members provide expert services in over fifty functional areas and have specialized skills in virtually every segment of the hospitality industry. ISHC is dedicated to promoting the highest quality of professional consulting standards and practices for the hospitality industry. Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process, ensuring that all ISHC members have a reputation of integrity and are qualified by their experience, training and knowledge to develop and express sound judgment on industry issues. Additional information about the organization, along with a directory of ISHC members, is available on the ISHC website at

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