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ISHC - Did You Know?


Australia, the world's sixth-largest country by total area, has a population of 22.88 million with 6.3 million annual visitor arrivals. Tourists numbers have increased 5.5 per cent relative to the previous year.
- Ted Horner, ISHC


Austria is situated in the heart of Europe, the mountainous landscape and cultural cities receive more than 131 Mil. overnight stays per year.
- Jakob Edinger, ISHC


Brazil is host to the largest street party in the world with the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Every year, around 2.5 million people rush to the Marvellous City, to parade in one of the 12 elite samba schools at the Sambodrome or at any of the 425 street blocks, turning the city in a huge diverse party.
- Ricardo Mader Rodrigues, ISHC

British Virgin Islands

Projects are taking longer than they historically have, as seasoned developers continue negotiations to acquire opportunities that suffered during the recession. Complex, drawn out processes to get projects going will stretch into mid 2014. And, limited by lack of available venture financing, explorations in new (greenfield) developments in the Caribbean are moving slowly.
- Tim Peck, ISHC


Ranked #1 or #2 country brand each of the last five years (FutureBrand Country Brand Index), Canada is also home base for two of the world’s leading hotel companies Fairmont and Four Seasons.
- Lyle Hall, ISHC


New EU member state Croatia, with 4,4 mil inhabitants is one of the leaders in tourism of the region. With around 15% share in total GDP, tourism and hospitality remains being the key sector of Croatia's economy, with positive outlook in terms of demand and new investments.
- Miro Dragicevic, ISHC


Located at the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus attracts 2.5 million tourists each year contributing 11% to the county’s GDP.
- Angelos Loizou, ISHC


The UK is one of the top hotel markets in Europe, with London leading the way in average rates and RevPAR. After receiving great exposure through international events, such as the London Olympics and Paralympics, the UK is set to be a key global destination in the future.
- Chris Day, ISHC


The overall French hotel supply accounts for some 627,000 rooms. Overall, the average hotel chain penetration rate in France, the highest in Europe, reaches 41% of the room counts. Two leading groups, Accor and Louvre Hotels, are estimated to represent two-thirds of total branded rooms.
- Philippe Doizelet, ISHC


Germany is traditionally characterized, with app. 13.000 hotels. Only some 30% are chain operated. Franchise is growing, while investors are still seeking leases and increasingly accept hybrid operating contracts.
- Thomas Tritschler, ISHC


Greece is one of the most established tourism destinations worldwide, within the world’s top 20 destinations. Furthermore, tourism is considered –by both local and international players- as the most important sector of the Greek economy with substantial development potential.
- Aris Ikkos, ISHC

Hong Kong

Hong Kong remains one of the strongest hotel markets in the region. A well-balanced amalgam of leisure, commercial and MICE business year round maintains its position in the region though visitation costs are now world class.
- Kevin Murphy, ISHC


India has much to offer its visitors - culture, heritage, hills and beaches and diverse business opportunities. The long term potential remains strong, despite current short term setbacks.
- Vijay Thacker, ISHC


From the coastal plains, to the savannah grasslands; from the central highlands and the city of Nairobi to the escarpments and volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley; from the snow-capped mountain peaks to the shores of Lakes Victoria and Turkana; Kenya offers the traveller an unparalleled range of leisure and safari options. A once in a lifetime experience is watching the great wildebeest migration which many consider to be an eighth natural wonder of the world.
- Samantha Muna, ISHC


2014 is Visit Malaysia Year. Malaysia has great contrasts with towering skyscrapers looking down upon wooden houses on stilts while 5-star hotels are meters away. Malaysia is a gastronomic paradise.
- Joyce Chang, ISHC


With a series of energetic, financial and touristic amendments to Mexican law, the Government is now positioning Mexico as one of the potential leaders worldwide for what concerns to touristic and economic development. The actions taken by both the Mexican Government and national and foreign investors to boost the national economy have situated Mexico as one of the most competitive and leading nations in the world.
- Gonzalo Vargas, ISHC


Nicaragua has over 680 hotels with over 11k rooms. The increase of tourists coming from all over the globe to visit this beautiful country is the driving force behind the 10.1% rooms inventory growth.
- Raul Calvet, ISHC


One of the fastest growing regions of the world, West and Central Africa comprises over 20 countries with vast resources of oil, gas and solid minerals, and huge potential for agriculture. Nigeria is the regional powerhouse, with the largest population – 170 million – and the second largest economy on the continent, after South Africa. In a recent survey, two thirds of the chain hotels’ development pipeline in Africa was in the region, with half of that in Nigeria alone.
- Trevor Ward, ISHC


According to a recent government study, tourist satisfaction with Peru is a high 94%. As a rapidly growing industry, the Peruvian tourism industry has grown 25% over the last five years. The bulk of visitors to Peru come to experience archeological monuments, ecotourism in the Amazon, cultural tourism in colonial cities, adventures and the beaches.


With the 1st(Moscow) and 5th (St Petersburg) largest cities in Europe and another 24 cities of 1M or more, all substantially undersupplied, the Russia/CIS market stands as a long run growth opportunity market.
- Scott Antel, ISHC


There is always something to see and do in Singapore – from the roar of the racetrack for the Formula 1 night race to the roar of the lions at the Singapore Night Safari. Singapore is the gateway to South East Asia and a hub for many key industries.
- Rhonda Hare, ISHC


Despite the difficult general economic situation of the country, tourism is outperforming for the second consecutive year and represents a healthy and sustianble business. This combination of apparently conflicting factors, offers great investment and operations opportunities in the hospitality business.
- Chris de Bruyn, ISHC


Tourism accounts for less than 5% of GDP, however, people are drawn to Switzerland for its skiing and mountaineering. With approximately 5,000 registered hotels and hostels, yearly occupancy rates average about 45% for the industry.


Thailand is one of world’s leading tourism brands . Last year visitor arrivals to the country surged to over 22 million. It’s best known for the dynamic gateway city Bangkok , iconic resort destinations such as Phuket, Koh Samui and the cultural hub Chiang Mai. The country plays host to full range of leading international hotels, respected local chains and established independent properties.
- Bill Barnett, ISHC


The country has close to 4,000 hotels with 465,000 guestrooms . The Mediterranian Coast is the Turkish Riviera with luxury resorts and numerous signature golf courses.
- Mehmet Onkal, ISHC

United Kingdom

The UK tourism industry is very well-developed, ranking 7th globally for visitor numbers and spend. London is the powerhouse driving countrywide hotel rates and receiving the bulk of hotel investment. The provinces, however, are starting to regain traction with a number of portfolios coming to the market attracting a lot of interest.
- Bernard Delomenie, ISHC

United States

The U.S. hotel industry continues to recover. Average daily rate and revenue per available room continue to increase. Demand continues to stay strong as supply reports minimal growth. We expect to see these trends continue into 2014.
- Randy Smith, ISHC

West Indies

Also known as The Caribbean, this group of island countries is in the Caribbean Sea just beyond the Gulf of Mexico. The thousands of islands in the region are named the "West Indies", because when Christopher Columbus landed here he thought he had reached the South West corner of Asia known as the Indies. Tourism has created a wealth of opportunities for locals and visitors alike and the area has become famous as a vacation destination for both adventure and leisure.


After a spectacular economic crash from the peak of 2007, which impacted heavily on asset prices ( -50% ) and tourist demand, the Irish hotel market is staging a recovery. It is a two speed one though, with the Dublin market showing considerable resilience. Occupancy levels in the capital were 73.9% in 2012 (v 67.1% in 2010 ) and Rev Par has recovered to €63.58 ( v €53.03 in 2010 ).
- Alex Gibson ISHC

South Korea

The Korea tourism industry continues to be strong with the Korean Wave and its robust economic growth. Currently in year 2014, more than 30,000 rooms are being developed, mostly in the Select Service and Mid-priced Hotel segments, in Seoul and the metropolitan area.