NewsJuly 29, 2013

ISHC at Americas Lodging Investment Conference

 We are very pleased to announce that the following 18 ISHC members participated in the program at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) that was held January 25- 27, 2010 at the San Diego Bay Front Hotel in San Diego, California.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Kenneth R. Greger, ISHC—The ALIS Networking Connection, Speed Meet 10:30 am

James E. Burba, ISHC—Chair’s Opening Remarks and Program Overview 1:40 pm

Scott D. Berman, ISHC—Hotel Leaders Outlook, The Owner’s Perspective 2:45 pm

Suzanne Mellen, ISHC—Management Brands & Owners 4:30 pm

Rick Swig, ISHC—Matching Customer Expectations in a Down Economy 4:30 pm

Betsy MacDonald, ISHC—International Track, Canada 4:30 pm

Bill Stone, ISHC— International Track, Canada 4:30 pm

Richard F. Ross, ISHC—Distressed Hotel/Workout Track 4:30 pm

Chuck Pinkowski, ISHC—The Economy Segment 5:15 pm


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

James E. Burba, ISHC—Welcome Back 9:00 am

Bruce Baltin, ISHC—Public/Private Finance Partnerships 11:30 am

Rick Besse, ISHC—Franchise Brands & Owners 11:30 am

Sandra Y. Kellman, ISHC—Distressed Hotel/Workout Track 11:15 am

Lori E. Raleigh —The Boutique/Lifestyle Segment 11:30 am

Randell A. Smith, ISHC—Wins Lifetime Achievement Award 1:00 pm

Peter Benudiz, ISHC—Management Agreements 3:30 pm

David A. Berins, ISHC—Ownership Strategies Track 3:30 pm

Jose Ernesto Marino Neto, ISHC—International Tract, South America 3:30 am

Rick S. Kirkbridge, ISHC—Distressed Hotel/Workout Track 4:20 pm


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

James E. Burba, ISHC—CEO Face Off 8:55 am

Matthew R. Arrants, ISHC and Sean F. Hennessey, ISHC present Leland C. Pillsbury with the ISHC Pioneer Award 9:15 am

James E. Burba, ISHC—Chair’s Closing Remarks 11:25 am


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