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How to be a revenue leader of the 21st century October 20 2014 What century are we in? The 20th or the 21st? No longer can we in the industry use antiquated approaches and attitudes to manage demand. By Bonnie Buckhiester HNN columnist *protected email*What exactly is the role of the revenue manager today? Tactician? […]

Inaugural Rising Star Award Asia Pacific winner is announced

Contact: Karla Smith, Director Membership Services Email: *protected email*Phone: 404-542-0159 Press Release Christopher Hur of Host Hotels & Resorts Honored at HICAP           Hong Kong, 17 October 2014:  The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) and the Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (HICAP) presented Christopher Hur with the 2014 inaugural Rising Star Award Asia Pacific.  As […]

ISHC to honor Stephen Kaufer of TripAdvisor with the 2015 Pioneer Award

ISHC is proud to honor Stephen Kaufer, Co-Founder, President & CEO of TripAdvisor, with the 2015 Pioneer Award.  ISHC will recognize Kaufer and present him with an award in front of his family, friends and colleagues on January 28, 2015 at ALIS, Los Angeles, CA.  Please join us in congratulating Kaufer on his accomplishments! Past […]

What effective Leaders Do

What effective leaders do September 4 2014 A leader’s responsibility is to achieve total alignment of individuals, departments and organizational purpose. By Gene Ference, Ph.D HNN columnist  Editor’s note: This article is based on interviews with luxury hotel executives, primary research and the author’s views.   Few organizations operate at peak performance. Most companies lack […]

New Board of Directors for 2014/2015 Elected by ISHC members

Click here to view full press release ISHC Elects New Board of Directors Austin, TX September 13, 2014:  The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) celebrated its 26th year with the Annual Conference, held in Austin, TX September 11-13.  Attendees enjoyed three days of high value content and memorable networking events.  The conference was a […]

2014 Annual Conference Media Coverage

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