Todd Leach

Company: Dedica Group

Position: Partner

Geographic Areas

U.S., Canada


Todd Leach is a partner in Dedica Group - a boutique creative agency in New York City..As the director of Brand and Strategy for Dedica, Todd helps clients create, define or position their brand in an ever-changing marketing landscape. Dedica’s unique positioning brings creative solutions to established brands such as IHG and Coca-Cola, in addition to smaller existing and emerging brands in need of elevating their consumer experience.

Representative List of Clients

IHG, Coca-Cola, AMC Theatres, National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, Princess Cruise Lines


BS in Journalism Advertising, University of North Texas

Past Experience

With over 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing and media, Todd has built an impressive track record based on the foundation of superior client management and business-building relationships. Of these 20-plus years, 13 years have been focused on the Foodservice and Hospitality industries.