Sotiris Milonas

Company: Msolutions

Position: CEO & Owner


<span>Owner and Director of Msolutions (GR.CY) Sustainability Services
20 years of experience in sustainability and ESG-related services

Owner and Director of Msolutions (GR.CY) sustainability services since 2004 – 19 years of experience

As the Owner and Director of Msolutions, a leading provider of sustainability and ESG-related services, I have cultivated a professional grounding in sustainability. With 19 years of experience, my portfolio spans strategic development, ESG management, auditing, and compliance across various sectors. My primary areas of expertise and projects include:
• Strategic Leadership in Sustainability & ESG: Spearheaded strategic development initiatives focused on Sustainability, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, integrating Carbon Management, Energy Conservation, Water Stewardship, Waste Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRD) into comprehensive business management strategies.
• Champion of Environmental and Social Responsibility: Actively championed and implemented Environmental and Social Business initiatives, promoting responsible corporate practices and sustainable growth.
• Sustainability & ESG Auditing Expertise: Conducted in-depth Sustainability Auditing across diverse sectors including Tourism, Retail, and Manufacturing, and implemented ESG/Sustainability Travelife Auditing standards. Established since 2004 for ESYD and since 2011 for Travelife, covering Hotels and Accommodations in more than 20 countries.
• Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Management: Ensured full compliance with relevant regulations through Health & Safety Services and Auditing. Developed and implemented key Management Systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 26000, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, and ISO 14064 to optimize organizational efficiency and risk management for environmental, safety and carbon related issues.
• Energy Management and Green Building Leadership: Served as an Energy Auditor/Advisor, specializing in energy studies and the management of energy resources. Pioneered Green Building implementation and management practices, incorporating cutting-edge sustainability standards. (DGNB, LEED)
• Zero Waste and Carbon Management Initiatives: Propagated innovative Zero Waste initiatives and TRUE certification standards. Carbon Management strategies, including the successful implementation of ISO 14064 standards, PAS 2060 etc.
• Civil Engineering and Technical Expertise: Focused on Civil Engineering applications, including licensing, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies, building legislation, and safety compliance. Accredited engineer for Environmental Impact Studies.
• Diverse Auditing and Valuation Experience: A versatile auditor for various sectors, including Travelife Hotels and Accommodations and Travelife for Tour Operators and travel agents (GSTC accredited). Conducted auditing for ESYD (accreditation for EN 45011 for the EU – ETS scheme, and EMS) and served as an ISO system auditor (ISO 14001 - IEMA, ISO 9001 - IRCA). Additionally, acted as an accredited valuer for the National Bank of Greece and a Court Surveyor for various technical subjects.

Mission Statement

All hotels to have a sustainability pillar in their strategy and operations


My current professional focus encompasses:

• ESG (Strategy, management and reporting )
• Sustainable Finance under CSRD requirements
• Sustainability Business Management
• Environmental and Social Business
• Sustainability Auditing (Tourism, Retail, Manufacturing)
• Travelife Auditing (Hotels and Tour operators) GSTC accredited
• Health & Safety consulting and auditing
• Management System Development (ISO 14001, ISO 26000, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, ISO 14064)
• Energy Auditor/Advisor
• Zero Waste, True zero waste
- Green Buildings, DGNB, LEED

Professional Memberships

Hellenic - German chamber, Technical Chamber of Greece, Travelife , Member of the Scientific committee of Technical Chamber of Greek Engineers