Ron de Wit

Company: Horwath HTL in Australia

Position: Managing Director


Ron is a Managing Director in Horwath HTL in Australia and has over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Australia and the South Pacific from initially working in hotels and resorts, restaurants, clubs, catering and food service operations; and over the last 20 years as a consultant with leading professional services firms.

Ron’s consulting skills are based on a deep understanding of the dynamics of tourism accommodation properties and businesses, as well as a detailed knowledge of operational issues and business management aspects related to the clubs and catering sectors of the hospitality industry.

Core areas of Ron’s consulting expertise include research and analysis of market trends, market feasibility studies, financial viability evaluations, hotel business operational reviews, acquisition due diligence assessments, operator search and selection programs, industry best practice research and benchmark surveys, and asset management business performance reviews.

Ron has authored numerous publications including market forecasts, infrastructure development reports and investment guides, and business benchmarking reports for investment and finance companies, hotel management companies, tourism and hospitality industry lobby groups and hotel industry associations.

He has been a regular speaker at industry events, a guest lecturer at hotel schools, and presenter to club management forums.
As Managing Director of Horwath HTL in Australia, Ron leads the specialist teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and the Gold Coast to develop client and contact relationships, participate in assignments, and generally grow the business focus on Research, Development, Operations, and Strategy related to the markets and businesses of the hospitality industry.