Michael Bare

Company: BARE International

Position: CEO


Mike Bare is currently the CEO of BARE International, following his previous position as President. BARE International is a reputable global provider of customer experience research and evaluation services, dedicated to helping businesses enhance their experience quality and improve customer satisfaction.

As the CEO, Mike has the vital role of developing and implementing the company's vision, mission, and long-term plans. He makes significant decisions that can significantly impact the company's growth, profitability, and reputation. Mike is the face of the organization and upholds its values and culture while advocating for a constructive and harmonious work environment. He plays a crucial part in the company's accomplishments and leads it towards a thriving and enduring future.

In 1997, Mike co-founded the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), now considered the leading trade association for market research insights, representing the customer experience and merchandising industries. He has served as the Past President and Past Global Chair and played a crucial role in shaping the direction and growth of the association since its inception. Under his leadership, Mike facilitated collaboration among industry professionals to improve the standards of mystery shopping practices worldwide.

Mike has been a member of ESOMAR for over 14 years and worked with research professionals worldwide. His passion for hospitality consultancy stems from BARE's long-standing presence in the industry and his extensive knowledge of market research.

Since September 2016, Mike has served as a Board of Directors Member for the Juanita C Grant Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the 50+ Employment Workforce Foundation. Working alongside like-minded individuals, he supports those seeking employment and career development later in life.

Throughout his journey in the experience market research industry, Mike has maintained an unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and community engagement, solidifying his role as a driving force in the customer experience research sector's growth and advancement worldwide.

Mission Statement

To provide reasonably priced, yet comprehensive guest & employee information services to clients worlwide. Successful hospitality measurements are guaranteed.

Geographic Areas

Corporate office: Fairfax VA

International offices: Belgium, Hungry, China, Singapore, India, Brazil, Chile and coming in 2024 Dubai.


*Mystery Guest Evaluations* *Brand Standards Audits* *Integrity Audits* *Customer Service Efficiency* *Customer & Employee Interviews* *Web/mobile Surveys*

Professional Memberships

  • Co-Founder / Past-President of MSPA-Mystery Shopping Providers Association
  • Serves on the Global Board of MSPA
  • Treasurer - JCGF (non profit)