Kate Burda

Company: Kate Burda & Co

Position: Founder / CEO


Travel is key. I grew up in New Zealand and learned at a very young age that travel is the answer to the human condition. It is always a part of who I am. I had a great job and career, but this is now my life's work and a way I not only make a living but how I pay things forward.

Mission Statement

We create impact. The two words that encapsulate our brand are clarity and Connection. When teams have a clear understanding and strategies that are aligned to the larger vision, they can move mountains. It is hard when you are inside the storm to see the path. We are beside you as we co-create and design the strategy to your vision, and then we help you to execute. Connection- We are able to connect people and organizations to others, people to new ideas, and people to their higher-performance self.


We focus on accelerating revenue. We do that through elevating a relevant and elevated approach to sales, marketing and revenue management... The Revenue Trifecta. We have a proven and pragmatic approach to how each player in the revenue trifecta is able to elevate performance and outcomes.

Professional Memberships

ISHC, SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association), HSMAI (Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International), WBENC (Women-Owned Businesses), The Venn Collection, Texas Real Estate Commission, Professor at Purdue University, Revenue Management