Hernan Passalacqua

Company: Fitzroy Tourism & Real Estate


Hernán is a leading expert in Chile in Tourism & Real Estate, with more than 20 years of experience. He began his career in the financial sector with Consorcio Group (Ex Bankers Trust) and in the insurance market with Lloyds of London.

In 2001 Hernán founded Fitzroy, a Tourism & Real Estate advising and brokerage firm, through which he has evaluated and advised locals and international companies.

Fitzroy has a particular expertise in Patagonia, where the company’s deals with boutique hotels, lodges, and land make up USD 100 million.

Also, he and his team has carried out commercial transaction for more than 40 MUSD.

Besides, Hernan has been involved in conservation projects in Atacama and Patagonia.

Hernán is a frequent participant in conferences such as HOLA, SAHIC, EXPO REAL ESTATE, WTTC and GRI club.

Finally, Hernán is board member of FEDETUR and Associate at WTTC.

Mission Statement

Support and encourage tourism investment in Chile and Latin America. We are aware that the tourism industry is a tool that allows nations to decentralize, generate wealth, generate employment and foster entrepreneurship.

Geographic Areas

Chile, Peru, Argentina


On the investment side, strategic planning, concept vision, valuation, brokerage

Professional Memberships

Investment advisor and & broker

Speaking Engagements

We support companies and projects in the hotel and real estate sectors, such as convention centers, second homes and leisure, casinos, etc.

Our clients have been investors, investment funds, family offices, national and international hotel chains, tourist operators and financial institutions.

In our history, we have evaluated and designed different hotels and real estate projects. We have also participated in transactions for more than US $ 250 million.

Finally, since our inception we have promoted knowledge, promotion, development and investment in the tourism sector in Chile and Latin America, participating in international audiences such as GRI, HOLA, SAHIC, WTTC, WTO, MIPIM, among others.

Articles and Publications



Business Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

MBA Imperial College, London