Herbert Mascha

Company: Herbert Mascha

Position: Owner


I live in Vienna, Austria, and received engineering degrees from the University of Vienna and the University of Florida. Since the late nineties, I have worked for hotel owners and investors as a project manager for renovation projects. In 2005 I was co-founder of MRP hotels and hospitality consulting firm. I left in 2019 and have worked as a single consultant since then.

Mission Statement

Hotels are my business and passion

Geographic Areas

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland, Russia and CIS


project management and technical service for +20 years

Professional Memberships

ISHC, American Society of Civil Engineers, Austrian Chamber of Architects and Engineers

Articles and Publications

Numerous articles in professional journals and newsletters

Representative List of Clients

Immofinanz AG, Strauss & Partner, Beneco, Signa Holding, conwert, Seeste Bau, Tribeach, Fundus Real Estate Fund, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund, BA Real Invest, Erste Bank Immorent, Erste Bank, IHG, Adina, Echo Hotels Fund,


University of Vienna, Austria, Civil Engineering (Dipl. Ing.), University of Florida, ME