Gregory Hanis

Company: Hospitality Marketers International, Inc.

Position: President


I have over 48 years of experience in the Hotel Industry. I founded Hospitality Marketers over 40 years ago to service a wide range of types and styles of Hotels and Resort. Over the years, I have worked on projects in nearly all 50 States and in eastern Canada. HMI has offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Fort Myers, Florida.

Mission Statement

To utilize over forty-five years of industry, marketing, and management experience to effectively advise owners, lenders, investors, franchisors, and operators in the development, marketing, and management of hotels & resorts. The goal is to generate maximum sales revenue, control costs, offer effective customer service, and maximize profits.


* Impact & Feasibility Analysis * Marketing Audits * Market (Re) Positioning * Market/StrategyPlanning * Operational Audits * Consultive Management Services * Franchise Selection * Optimum Revenue Achievement * Operational Profit Improvement * Guest Demand/History Research * Sales Training

Professional Memberships

* International Society of Hospitality Consultants