Christophe de Bruyn

Company: THR

Position: CEO


CEO of THR Tourism Consultants, a specialized international strategy and management consultancy firm based in Barcelona, Spain.

His experience spans more than 30 years, and he has acquired a broad and profound experience in most disciplines to strategic and business advisory for the development and management of tourism, hospitality & leisure projects, and companies. He has a special knowledge of resorts and mixed-use developments. He has worked throughout most world regions, such as Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East.

Mission Statement

THR is an international boutique advisory firm in tourism, hospitality and leisure providing strategy and business services for both the industry (investors, developers and hotel chains) and tourism destinations.


Strategic marketing, projects and investments, development and competitiveness plans for both tourism companies and destinations. Drea Resort & Hotels is a specialized division of THR focusing on resort & mixed use development and repositioning

Professional Memberships

WTO Associated consultant