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Pioneer Award

Established in 1996 by ISHC to recognize one individual each year for making an outstanding contribution, achievement and or improvement in the hospitality industry.

Award Criteria
Winners are selected based on three criteria: active involvement in the industry, their contribution to the industry, and personal/organizational attributes and qualities.

Active Involvement in the Industry
The individual or organization is actively involved in consulting, planning, developing, marketing, managing and/or improving one or more dimensions of the hospitality industry which benefits developers, investors, operators and guests such as:

• Associations and organizations
• Lodging establishments
• Cruise ships
• Educational institutions
• Media (trade press)
• Legal/litigation
• Entertainment enterprises

Area of Contribution
Their contribution should benefit the hospitality industry in terms of one or more of the following:

• Associations and organizations
• New product development or re-positioning
• Training and education
• Trend-setting model
• Profitability of the industry
• Quality assurance
• Strategic alliances
• Diversity
• Market research

Personal/Organizational Attributes and Qualities
In addition to their contribution, the individual or organization, on a consistent basis possesses certain attributes and adheres to professional standards which are recognized and respected by his/her peers:

• Display integrity and ethics and use sound judgment.
• Demonstrate superior leadership.
• Display a commitment to quality service and professionalism.
• Be a role model and/or mentor to people wanting to enter or just entering the hospitality industry as well as to career people  in the industry.
• Willingly and enthusiastically share his/her commitment to improving and advancing the hospitality industry by
writing trade magazine articles as well as attending and speaking at conferences.
• Actively involved in one or more associations or organizations that promote and support the advancement of the hospitality industry through legislation, education and/or motivation.

U.S. Pioneer Award Recipients
ISHC Pioneer Award winners include:

Europe Pioneer Award Recipients
ISHC Pioneer Award winners include:

  • Jean Gabriel Peres (2008)
  • Jean-Claude Baumgarten (2007)
  • Stelios Haji-Ioannou (2006)
  • Costakis Loizou (2005)
  • Regis Bulot (2004)