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Bob Puccini FCSI, ISHC
President and CEO
Puccini Group

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interior design
market and feasibility studies
food & beverage operations
due diligence


boutique hotels
condo hotels
conference centre / convention centres
convention hotels
destination casino resorts
destination resorts
extended stay hotels / corporate apartments
full service hotels
green hotels
holiday villages
independent hotels
institutional food and beverage
private clubs
resort mixed use developments
restaurants (full, quick and limited service)
theme parks & attractions

Speaker Topics

boutique hotels
food service industry
global hotel industry trends
hospitality design

Geographic Areas

USA, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, India, Bermuda, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Hong Kong. Macau, Dubai

Mission Statement

The Puccini Group specializes in creating with personality and style. We are the leaders in the unique niche of designing popular destination within hotels worldwide. Our team creates modern yet classic with warm and inviting spaces that meet the needs of our clients and appeal to locals and visitors alike.


With more than thirty years of experience in all aspects of restaurant development, Bob Puccini has become the industry leader in the conception, design and development of destination within boutique and luxury hotels. His unique ability to survey markets and develop concepts that best suit the potential customer base has enabled him to design over 58 critically acclaimed in 8 years.

Past Experience

Bob’s specialization in creating personality has evolved as a result of his development career beginning with the Que Pasa group of family for the Los Angeles- based El Torito Company in the ‘70s. He later led the U.S. national expansion of the Acapulco . In 1989, Bob joined the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group as Senior Vice President of Restaurants. In a partnership with Bill Kimpton, Bob grew the restaurant division from four to eighteen and over 100 million dollars in revenue during his tenure. In 1996, Mr. Puccini left Kimpton to start his own restaurant design, operations and consulting firm, The Puccini Group.


Mr. Puccini holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the San Diego State University and spent 1969 in Brazil with the Peace Corps.

Professional Memberships

WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), ISHC, FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International), CRA (California Restaurant Association)

Representative List of Clients

Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Marriott International, KSL Resorts, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Outrigger, Strategic Hotel Capital, Sunstone Hotel Investors, Disney, Sands Hotels.

Articles and Publications

Hospitality Management: Issues and Perspectives: Bob Puccini authored a chapter entitled : New Food and Beverage Paradigms for Hotels. Weekly blog with Hotels Magazine. Work and Interviews Featured in: Hotels, Hospitality Design, Hotel and Motel Management, Conde Nast Traveler, Restaurant Business, Food Arts, Boutique Design, Hotel Design, USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Gourmet, Restaurants and Institutions etc.