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Ronald (Ron) Lustig

Ronald Lustig AIA, ISHC, EDAC, LEED Green Associate
Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.

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architectural & engineering services


boutique hotels
conference centre / convention centres
convention hotels
destination resorts
full service hotels
green hotels
independent hotels
limited / select service hotels
private clubs
restaurants (full, quick and limited service)

Speaker Topics

boutique hotels
customer service
global hotel industry trends
hospitality design
spa design management and marketing

Mission Statement

Exceeding expectations through inspired, human-centered design


Ron has expertise in design and master planning of hotels/convention centers, spas, casinos, golf clubhouses, restaurants and arts related community facilities.

Past Experience

1976 to Present: Earl Swensson Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN


B.S., Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Professional Memberships

American Institute of Architects; International Society of Hospitality Consultants; National Council of Architectural Registration Boards; American Society of Interior Designers; Architectural Institute of British Columbia

Representative List of Clients

Articles and Publications

"Importance of Sustainability to the Hotel Industry," Global Hotel Network, 2017. "How Millennials Are Driving a Resurgence of Resorts," Global Hotel Network, 2017. "Top 10 Hotel Trends," Global Hotel Network, 2017. "Reinventing the Smaller Guest Room," Global Hotel Network, 2017. "What Qualifies a Hotel as Boutique?," Global Hotel Network, 2017. "Ideal Meeting Spaces Should Offer Flexibility, Flexibility and Then Some...", Hotel Executive, 2013.