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Michael Bare ISHC
Bare International, Inc.

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customer surveys / guest satisfaction / employee surveys
food & beverage operations
mystery shopping


boutique hotels
conference centre / convention centres
convention hotels
destination casino resorts
destination resorts
extended stay hotels / corporate apartments
family entertainment centers
full service hotels
independent hotels
institutional food and beverage
limited / select service hotels
private clubs
resort mixed use developments
restaurants (full, quick and limited service)
theme parks & attractions
time share & interval ownership
tourism / destination management
water parks

Speaker Topics

boutique hotels
casinos gaming
consumer trends
customer service
food service industry
global hotel industry trends
hospitality appraisals valuation
management and leadership
sales and marketing
time share vacation ownership

Geographic Areas


Mission Statement

To provide reasonably priced, yet comprehensive guest & employee information services to clients worlwide. Successful hospitality measurements are guaranteed. Corporate office: Fairfax VA International offices: Belgium Hungry China Singapore India Brazil Chile


*Mystery Guest Evaluations* *Brand Standards Audits* *Integrity Audits* *Customer Service Efficiency* *Customer & Employee Interviews* *Web/mobile Surveys*

Past Experience

VP Operations, Charles E Smith Co.(1984-1987)* Regional Director Chi-Chi's 1980-1984)* Restaurant Owner(1976-1980)*


Old Dominion University, BS

Professional Memberships

Co-Founder/Past-President of MSPA-Mystery Shopping Providers Association* MRA-Market Research Association* HFTP-Hospitality Financial & Technology Planners* IHRSA-Internation Health & Racquet Sports Assoc* ASQ - American Society for Quality

Representative List of Clients

IACC-Intl Association of Conference Centers * Wyndham Hotels * Omni Hotels * American Golf * Ramada International * Marriott * Bank of America * Microsoft * Shell Oil * Airports (Duty free & Services) * Casinos

Articles and Publications

Wall Street Journal, Nations Restaurant News, Lodging Magazine, Lodging Hospitality, Hotels, Numerous Trade publications