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Gert Noordzy

Gert Noordzy MBA, CAPM, FAIQ
Managing Director
Northside Consulting Company Limited

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strategic planning
design & construction management / project management
organizational development


boutique hotels
condo hotels
conference centre / convention centres
convention hotels
destination casino resorts
destination resorts
extended stay hotels / corporate apartments
full service hotels
green hotels
holiday villages
limited / select service hotels
private clubs
resort mixed use developments
theme parks & attractions
time share & interval ownership
tourism / destination management
water parks

Speaker Topics

asset management
global hotel industry trends
greening of the hospitality
management and leadership
management contracts

Geographic Areas

North Asia, South-East Asia.

Speaking Engagements

Regular speaker at regional hospitality and project management conferences on the subject of hotel opening processes.

Mission Statement

WHY NORTHSIDE CONSULTING? Northside Consulting is reinventing the process of opening new properties with a state-of-the-art management approach that makes it smoother, more effective and efficient. As an Outsourced Strategic Project Management Office (PMO), we provide expert strategies and comprehensive solutions for any type of new project, from hotels and resorts to casinos and theme parks. Our approach facilitates ‘on time, on brand, on budget, on customer’ openings, ultimately optimising a property’s value and increasing investment returns.


1.) Project Life Cycle Management (strategic support for initiating and planning any of the phases of the new hotel project life cycle) - 2.) Pre-opening Assistance (high- and low-level support during the pre-opening and post-opening phases of the new hotel project life cycle, and tactical project recovery, including crisis management and troubleshooting) - 3.) Project Performance Improvement (improving new hotel opening project performance, enabling hospitality companies to open hotels more effectively and efficiently).

Past Experience

1.) Accor Asia Pacific - 2.) InterContinental Hotels Group (Greater China) - 3.) Wyndham Hotel Group (Asia).


1.) Certificate Secondary Hotel and Catering Education (1987) - 2.) Master of Business Administration (2012) - 3.) Doctorate in Business Administration (doctoral candidate) (2017).

Professional Memberships

1.) Project Management Institute - 2.) Association for Project Management - 3.) Chartered Insurance Institute - 4.) Institute of Financial Planners Hong Kong.

Representative List of Clients

1.) Khazanah Nasional - 2.) Wyndham Hotel Group - 3.) Golden Tulip Indonesia.

Articles and Publications

ARTICLES: 1.) Environmental Implications of Hotel Growth in China: Integrating Sustainability with Hotel Development (2016) - 2.) A Project Life Cycle for New Hotels (2015) - 3.) Root Causes of New Hotel Opening Delays in Greater China (2014) - 4.). Hotel Opening Processes in Greater China, an analysis of problems and issues (2011). BOOK: 1.) Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes. This book examines modern project management concepts to determine the feasibility of reorganizing a hotel management company and developing a new hotel opening “how to” guide to use project management to effectively and efficiently open new hotels on large scale. The book has been translated into Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Translation into Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian is ongoing.