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Chuck Pinkowski Owner
Pinkowski & Company

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Nationwide Experience*Market Feasibility Studies *Financial Analysis*Due Diligence*Franchise Impact Analysis*Development Planning & Services

Past Experience

VP, Development Planning, Promus Hotel Corporation (Formerly Holiday Corporation); Senior Principal, Pannell Kerr Forster


BSBA, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN

Professional Memberships

Tennessee Hotel & Lodging Association*American Hotel & Lodging Association*Memphis Hotel & Lodging Association

Representative List of Clients

Best Western International, Phoenix, AZ*Banksouth, Birmingham, AL*Bristol Hotel Company, Dallas, TX*Cendant Corporation, Parsippany, NJ*Equity Inns, Memphis, TN*Faegre & Benson LLC, Minneapolis, MN*Hilton Hotels Corporation, Beverly Hills, CA*MeriStar Hotels & Resorts, Washington, DC*Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN*Promus Companies, Memphis, TN*RFS Hotel Investors, Inc., Memphis, TN*Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Phoenix, AZ*Vista Host Hotels, Houston, TX*University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA