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THR Tourism, Hospitality & Recreation advisors

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business valuation
strategic planning
market and feasibility studies
recreational facilities consulting


boutique hotels
destination resorts
full service hotels
resort mixed use developments
theme parks & attractions
tourism / destination management
urban mixed use development

Speaker Topics

hospitality appraisals valuation
public private partnerships in real estate development
real estate

Geographic Areas

Spain, Portugal, China, Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Dutch Antilles, Belize, Ecuador, Bolivia, Belgium, Andorra, Cameroon, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Rumania, Malta, Morocco, Senegal, Madagascar, Namibia, Madagascar, Uganda, Jordan, Cyprus, Zambia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines

Mission Statement

TOURISM & LEISURE is the specialised practice in tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors belonging to Indra Business Consulting, a truly international company able to deliver strategic and management advisory solutions for both theindustry (investors, developers and hotel chains) and tourism destinations.


Strategic marketing, projects and investments, development and competitiveness plans for both tourism companies and destinations. Drea Resort & Hotels is a specialized division of THR focusing on resort development and reposiitioning

Past Experience

Principal, Tourism practice, Indra Business Consulting Partner, MHI Turismo consultants, Spain; Principal, Mazars Tourism Consultants, Spain; Principal, THR Tourism Consultants, Barcelona, Spain; Manager, Consultur, Barcelona, Spain; Catering department, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Brussels, Belgium; Reception Department, Amigo Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.


Graduate in Hotel and Restaurant Administration, CERIAT, Brussels, Belgium; Diploma on Business Adminstration, IESE, associated with the Harvard Businesss School, Barcelona, Spain.

Professional Memberships

WTO Associated consultant

Representative List of Clients

Intercontinental Hotels Spain; Jumeirah Hotels, Rotana Hotels, Shuaa Capital, Sama Dubai, Nakheel, Qatari Diar, Urbacon International, Aspire Katara Investments, Vision Maker Worldwide; Apex development group; Melia Hotels & Resorts, Paradores Hotel Chain, Spain; Universal Studios Port Aventura, Spain; Silken Hotels, Fadesa Real Estate Group, Spain; Inveravante Real estate investors, Spain; Malta Tourism Authority, Chinese National Tourism Authority (CNTA); Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities (SCTA), Andean Development Corporation (CAF); Fundesa (Association of Guatemala Hotels); Spanish State Secretary of Tourism / Spanish Institute for Hotel Quality; Areas, Spanish Bar & Restaurant chain with 400 units in Spain, Portugal and Chile, Spain; Flunch Spain, Food & Beverage chain in shopping malls, Spain; World Tourism Organization

Articles and Publications

- Hospitality industry trends in the Middle east Last generation mixed use resorts - Hotels for chamaleons - Public-private partnership in tourism investment -Developing a system of experiences for highly differentiated and successful tourism companies and destinations