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Bruce Goodwin - EMERITUS ISHC
Goodwin & Associates Hospitality Consulting, Inc.

Where can i buy Lyrica in australia - Buy Lyrica europe

SOUTHWEST USA & LATIN AMERICA: *Resort Real Estate Development; *Operations Analyses; *Receiverships; *Appraisal & valuation; *Litigation Support & Arbitration.

Past Experience

*Senior Principal, Laventhol & Horwath *Region Manager . Hospitality Inns, Inc.


Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, Michigan State University, MI Institute for Conflict Management: Arbitration and Mediation Certification programs, 2004. Mr. Goodwin speaks English and Spanish

Representative List of Clients

*GE Capital *Secured Capital *Strategic Hotel Capital *MarriottInternational *Hilton Hotels *Goldman Sachs: Quinta Real&Chartwell-Mexico *Hyatt Hotels *Bartell Hotels, San Diego *InterContinental Hotel Group*JMI Realty/San Diego Padres *Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust *SEDCO-Palmilla Resort *Hudson Advisors *Presidente InterContinental *Baker & McKenzie *Fideicomiso de Turismo-Puerto Vallarta *PromPeru/ProInversion-Peru