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Candidate Criteria

The Society is composed of individuals, not organizations, corporations, or groups.  Membership in ISHC is by invitation only. To be eligible for membership, an individual must initially meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Be a practicing hospitality consultant with five consecutive years of consulting experience immediately preceding invitation or have three consecutive years of consulting experience immediately preceding invitation if the candidate has a total of ten years hospitality industry experience.
  2. One’s primary professional activity is as a practicing hospitality industry consultant selling a service or intellectual property, as opposed to a physical or tangible product.
  3. Be an owner, officer, partner or principal of his or her own company, or the equivalent thereof. Please note owners/employees of management companies are not eligible for membership.
  4. Be sponsored by one existing member who will assume the lead role in overseeing the candidacy process on behalf of the candidate.

Overview of the Candidacy Process

  1. Review the ISHC on-line membership directory and identify a member that is personally familiar with your work experience as a consultant.
  2. Contact the member and inquire if he/she is willing to serve as lead sponsor for your membership.  (Please note that the lead sponsor must be personally familiar with your professional work as a consultant to launch the candidacy process. For example, simply knowing the candidate or being on a conference panel is typically viewed as insufficient to be a sponsoring member.)
  3. Complete the Candidate Application and return to your lead sponsor. Please buy canibus Lyrical law for the application.
  4. Attend an ISHC conference if invited. Please note that invitation to the annual conference and attendance does not guarantee membership in ISHC. The conference is held annually, typically in September or October.
  5. Submit payment for candidacy fee upon invoicing, the candidacy fee is USD $295. Submit payment for annual dues upon invoicing, the dues are USD $1,150.

For more information, contact